Chiropractic Testimonials

"My story is short but that doesn't make it less. This past Feb. I had a sudden change in my eye sight. It became difficult to focus and it seemed that all the objects that I looked at had vibrating edges. As you can imagine it wasn't too long before I became nauseous! I also had quite a lot of pain every day in my neck. My husband suggested that I see his chiropractor, Dr. Taylor. So, I did. We took some x-rays and discovered that my neck was messed up! I had quite a bit of degeneration in my vertebrae's and the natural curve in my neck was going backwards. I agreed to his treatment and exercise routine and it wasn't long before I was feeling great again! We took another x-ray and could see the difference. I've been doing great ever since. Thanks Taylor so much for making my everyday much better!"

- Maureen A.

"Not that I'd wish a neck injury on anyone, if you have one, Dr. Taylor is the guy for you. I was very fortunate to wind up in the care of Dr. Taylor after a long journey to a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. He is compassionate, dedicated and supremely knowledgeable. He was able to solve certain aspects of my injury that had evaded other chiropractors for decades, literally. Under his capable care, my neck has improved more than I originally thought possible. I'm glad to say I've reached a point in my life where I can live without thoughts of my neck and certainly without pain. What allowed for this more than anything else was the trust I developed, that Dr. Taylor earned, by his careful attention and skillful treatment. My only wish, that he didn't move away."

- Christina C.

"The first time I went to Taylor I had not been to a chiropractor for over 20 years. I was in extreme pain and Taylor adjusted my back. The next day I was mowing the lawn. I was afraid it was a bigger issue. I now still go back every 6 months just to keep everything aligned."

- Terry L.

"I had been in terrible pain (especially in my hips) for weeks before I saw Dr. Taylor Mainous in August of 2016. My primary care doctor had prescribed Gabapentin which made me nauseous, groggy and dizzy. I stopped taking it after a week, and as a last resort, I decided to visit a chiropractor.

At my first appointment with Dr. Mainous he quickly determined the cause of my pain - my left leg was 1/2 inch shorter than my right due to my pelvic area/tailbone being out of alignment. It took him just 15 minutes to fix the problem! By the next morning the pain was gone not only in my hips but in my back and neck as well because of his adjustments! All the while he was kind and sympathetic and has remained so in my weekly visits. He has become a good friend and I will miss having his practice in Missoula.

Because of the skill of Dr. Mainous, I was able to spend two enjoyable, pain-free weeks in London last October and a great visit to San Francisco this last January. My life has changed to the extent that I am now able to do everyday things like housework, playing the piano and talking my dog for long walks etc.

I most heartedly can attest that Dr. Mainous is one of the best chiropractors around today and anyone will be indeed fortunate to have him help you."

- Jim Prendergast


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